Shimeles Abegaz Addis and Alemu Aylate Ayano Sheep Brucellosis: Prevalence & Zoonotic Impact of Sheep Brucellosis

Sheep Brucellosis: Prevalence & Zoonotic Impact of Sheep Brucellosis

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Besides the potential of about 36% of the national sheep population in Amhara region, small ruminants were not given a priority in research and development programs, of the region. Even though human brucellosis caused by Brucella melitensis is the most pathogenic species, constitutes a public health priority, it is not yet known as if it do have zoonotic potential among society of the locality in Ethiopia. A traditional practice of consuming raw milk of sheep seems to impose a great problem on the health of the society. This book, therefore, provides will give highlight on the prevalence and economic impact of the disease and create awareness among the people regarding dangerous aspect of Brucella melitensis.
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