Razia Iqbal and Naveera Shabir Effect of anaesthesia on haemodynamics and blood profile of humans

Effect of anaesthesia on haemodynamics and blood profile of humans

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The Present study was conducted to evaluate the effect of propofol on haemodynamic conditions together with quantification of intracellular enzymes of pre and post anesthesia blood samples in human. Samples were collected from the District Hospital Gujrat. About 30 patients were examined. Comparison of pre anesthesia and post anesthesia blood values was done from statistical analysis.The mean preanesthetic values of SBP,DBP and HR were 126.33±7.649,77.3±6.915,80.23±7.060.while in post anesthesia these values were 100±17.811,56.00±7.240,81.97±8.656 respectively. The preanesthetic mean values for Platelets/L,ALT/µl,Creatininemg/dl,Hbg/dl,RBC/L were compared with post anesthetic vales.Significant effect on SBP and DBP values were obsereved. There was no significant effect on HR. Analysis results for Platelets count ALT,Creatinine, Hb count, RBC were also significant. So, based upon results, it is depicted that Propofol has significant effect on blood profile as well as on haemodynamic parameters. The results suggesting further study on propofol in comparison with other anesthetic drugs to prevent the possible side effects of this drug on haemodynamics and blood profile in humans.
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