Sagar H. Mohkar,Sanjay S. Patil and Vandana Gade Recent Advances In Composite Resins

Recent Advances In Composite Resins

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The potential to generate tooth-colored restorations and more conservative tooth preparation forms using Adhesive techniques have driven the search for an amalgam alternative material. With the development of improved adhesive and restorative resin-based composite systems, have become predictably successful in the restoration of posterior teeth .Over the past several years, dentists have seen an explosion in the number of aesthetic materials available. Since the early stages of development, it had been anticipated that composites would have a promising future with improvement of their physical, mechanical, and adhesive properties. Although wear and marginal leakage remain a concern, recent long-term clinical evaluations demonstrate that composites are an acceptable alternative within certain clinical parameters. So to overcome this parameter variety of advancement has been done which has been described in this book
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