Frances Sakoian Astrological Anthology

Astrological Anthology

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Sakoian and Acker's Astrological Anthology brings together four diverse yet complementary topics. Each chapter offers practical insights into astrological interpretation techniques that can be used to access deeper levels of the chart. The Importance of Mercury in the Horoscope: Enhance your interpretation of this planet with the meanings of Mercury in the signs, elements, houses, and decanates, and when linked to other planets. The Minor Aspects: This section covers the meanings of the minor aspects and their planetary and sign significance. Each aspect is explained in detail, including the houses, signs, planets, and decanates that shape its meaning. Interpreting Major and Minor Approaching and Departing Aspects: In this part of the book, the authors explain the difference between applying/separating and approaching/departing aspects and how each is interpreted. Families of aspects are defined, and specific information is included for fourteen individual aspects. Also included is a summary of the meanings of the aspects. The Ladder of the Planets: Planetary rulership is a significant part of chart interpretation, and in this section the authors explain the rationale of this long-standing technique used by astrologers. They explain the reasoning behind planetary rulership of the modern planets (Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto), as well as why specific rulerships were assigned to the visible planets. Each of the rulerships is defined, adding depth to interpretation.