Beckwith, Warner and Wood LightWave 3D [8]: 1001 Tips & Tricks ( + CD-ROM)

LightWave 3D [8]: 1001 Tips & Tricks ( + CD-ROM)

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"[W]hy do I need this book? For the same reason that you need this book: To benefit from the exploration and experience of others. . . .With books like this one and programs like LightWave, it is easy to create stuff to impress your clients, your friends, and yourself."

Brad Carvey

"[This book's] format is unique and exciting. The number and unprecedented range of topics is guaranteed to give you new ideas and inspiration.... Enjoy this wonderful compendium, and use it as your treasure map to keep learning about our favorite tool, LightWave 3D!"

Steven Worley Worley Labs

"This book is the sharing of LightWave discoveries and useful tips learned from the experience of leading artists in the industry. Whether you are a recent purchaser of LightWave or if you are like me and have been using LightWave since picking up one of the first 100 Toasters for the Amiga, you will find this collection of tips to be invaluable-inviting you to open doors in your mind and propel your personal artistic exploration."

David Ebner

"Wordware has gathered some of the best and brightest minds in the industry and pulled from them the best tips and tricks for LightWave and graphic art in general and put them all right here into one indispensable reference."

William "Proton" Vaughan NewTek's LightWave 3D Evangelist

"This is an amazing resource that will save you time and help keep your sanity and your hair (too late for me). It's like finding a mine full of gold nuggets-so many, in fact, you just don't know where to start collecting them!"

Paul Mikulecky Character animator, Lost Pencil Animation Studios