Terence L Sadler Cybersecurity for Everyone

Cybersecurity for Everyone

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Specifically for home users and small business owners, cybersecurity expert Terry Sadler lays out the easy-to-learn methods and tips that will make using the Internet more safe and secure and protect the family as well as the business. -Identity Theft. According to the Symantec Internet Security Report (2014), mega breaches are data breaches that result in at least 10 million identities exposed in an individual incident. There were eight mega breaches in 2013, compared with only one in 2012. - Viruses and Malware. Some security experts estimate there are more than 250,000 new malware variants detected daily and more than 30,000 websites exploited daily. These numbers are staggering. - Email Security. Learn how to reduce the amount of SPAM that makes it to your inbox. Improve your email security habits and discover better ways to communicate safely and with privacy. - Internet and Browsing Security. You cannot afford to leave the security of your sensitive information up to your ISP. It is actually easy to apply a layered approach to security and minimize your risk. Learn about your options; then pick and choose what works for you and your situation.
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