Nishiguti Kouiti Understanding Basic Japanese Grammar (+ CD)

Understanding Basic Japanese Grammar (+ CD)

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This book is not a course book for elementary Japanese classes. This is not a grammar reference book in the usual sense of the word, either. This book is in a sense a "hybrid book" for Japanese language learners. When learners proceed with the study of Japanese, whether they take a Japanese course or they study by themselves, they are given opportunities to study specific grammatical features in a cumulative fashion but they are not usually given instructions or information that will help them understand the system of the language. Though a typical grammar reference book may deepen learners' understanding of each grammatical feature, they do so at the expense of simplicity and at the risk of losing sight of the broader picture of the language system. "Understanding Basic Japanese Grammar" is a new kind of book which has overcome these problems that conventional approaches to Japanese grammar share. It provides materials with which learners can learn to use specific grammatical structures and understand each grammar point properly while broadening their understanding of the language system.
Supplemented with appropriate additional materials and classroom activities, this book can function as a main book for an elementary Japanese course. It can be a useful supplement for any elementary Japanese course or can be used as a grammar reference book by any learner of elementary Japanese. It will also be very helpful review material for post-elementary learners and those who plan to take N4 of the Japanese-Language Proficiency Test to summarize and consolidate their knowledge of basic Japanese grammar. The author hopes that this book will prove to be a valuable resource for different learners of Japanese and be an additional asset for Japanese language teaching circles.