Vidhi Gautam,Sachin Kumar Jain and Yash Pal Sahni Evaluation of pharmacological properties of Curcuma longa in rats

Evaluation of pharmacological properties of Curcuma longa in rats

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Traditional Indian medicines with its evaluation many centuries ago have always fascinated practitioners and researchers for the depth of analytical research and practical application. Its fundamental principles successfully eliminate harmful side effects without losing beneficial medicinal properties. Curcuma longa L. commonly known as ‘Haldi’ belongs to family ‘Zingiberaceae’. It is routinely used as a spice in India and almost all the countries of the world. It occupies an important position in Indian culture, health and economy, therefore due to its multifarious uses and therapeutic activities; it is linked with Indian culture since time immemorial. The turmeric plant had cultivated in India since ancient time. The rhizomes are fleshy branched with bright orange to yellow within. Curcuma longa has been used for its various therapeutic purposes globally. To strengthen the scientific literature of Curcuma longa regarding various pharmacological properties the present work was planned to explore its wound healing, analgesic, antipyretic and antidepressant activities.
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