Kalpna Chaudhry,Vivek Rana and Usha Rehani Role of Genetics in tooth development

Role of Genetics in tooth development

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Genetics Plays A Key Role In A Person’s Overall Health. But Genetics Also Could Determine How our Teeth Develop. Tooth Development Is Under Strict Genetic Control, And During Recent Years An Increasing Number Of Genes Have Been Identified That Are Involved In The Regulation Of Tooth Morphogenesis. During the last 15 years various scientists have started to understand tooth development at the gene level. The list of genes known to regulate the position, shape, or number of teeth is lengthening rapidly. There are dozens of different genes, which together form complicated signaling networks. The defects in several human conditions affecting tooth development have been identified recently, and these genes have turned out to be necessary component of signaling networks. .This book compiles an overview of odontogenesis, genetics of tooth development, genes and their transcription factors involved in tooth development, genes expressed during tooth development, role of genes at each stage of tooth development, like at initiation , patterning, budding, regulation of tooth shape, development of cusp patterns, and genetic defects in tooth development.
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