Dragan Z. Milosevic, Russ J. Martinelli, James M. Waddell Program Management for Improved Business Results

Program Management for Improved Business Results

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Business leaders are constantly in the heat of competitive battles. To win, they must develop their products, services, and infrastructure in a fast, repeatable, and integrated fashion. This breakthrough book describes how many of today's business leaders use the program management discipline to gain competitive advantage over their rivals by:
  • Making program management part of their business model;
  • Managing increased product and process complexity;
  • Aligning execution activities to business strategy;
  • Mitigating business risk to maximize ROI;
  • Accelerating time-to-money performance.

    The authors present a holistic view of program management that describes program management as a critical business function; provide a how-to approach to successfully define, plan, execute, and control programs; explain the primary roles and competencies of the program manager; and present the organizational factors involved in transitioning to a program management business model.