Harveen Singh,Suresh D.K. and Heena Khurana Periodontal Flap

Periodontal Flap

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The aim of effective treatment of periodontal diseases is to arrest the inflammatory disease process by removing the subgingival biofilm to establish a local environment compatible with periodontal health. The treatment offered to the periodontal patient by the clinician may be nonsurgical or surgical mechanical debridement. Flap reflection is considered more invasive, but can be more effective in increasing the clinician’s ability to debride. Surgical access therapy can only be considered as adjunctive to cause-related therapy. Procedures which require elevation and reflection of the gingival soft tissues from the surface of the bone are referred to as flap procedures. The periodontal flap is one of the most frequently employed procedures, particularly for moderate & deep intrabony pockets. The design of the flap is primarily dictated by preservation of good blood supply to the flap, by the surgical judgement of the operator & may also depend on the objectives of the procedure. The necessary degree of access to the underlying bone & root surfaces & the final position of the flap must be considered in designing the flap.
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