Alfredo Gilbert and Francisco Velasquez Forero Physiopathology of Lingual Orthodontics

Physiopathology of Lingual Orthodontics

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This book, written by Dr. Gilbert and Dr. Velasquez Forero begins with a medical overview of different pathologies which could be recognized by the orthodontist by reviewing carefully the data clinic of the patient. It describes how the straight wire technique affects orthodontist's diagnostic capabilities and why new orthodontic alloys are useful, but entail risks. The first chapter also talks about the emotional health of the patient, and different manners to detect and measure psychological problems. The second chapter of the book is devoted to describing the bone metabolism and its relationship with orthodontics movements. “Personalized Systems in Lingual Orthodontics”, the third chapter, outlines the characteristics of different systems for placing and transferring lingual brackets when a case is bonded. The usage of each appliance is described and illustrated. The second part of the book focuses on the new features in the lingual technique, including novel bracket characteristics, use of robots and other developments of this stimulating technique. The text is abundant in information, yet accessible to most practitioners.
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