Tiziana Merani Manichini: Livello quattro C1 (+ CD)

Manichini: Livello quattro C1 (+ CD)

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Beatrice Lindi, a talented artist, has decided to help her cousin in the management of his manikin factory, so as to personalise the products. Arcata department store commissioned a 'family' of manikins for their store: a few weeks later they are delivered to the warehouse in Florence. But three days later, something strange happens... What mystery is hidden in these inanimate objects?
Антонио Гисланцони, И. У. Таркетти, Камилло Бойто, Арриго Бойто, Луиджи Капуана, Карло Досси, Джованни Маджерини Гразиани, Роберто Сакетти, Эдуардо Каландра, Антонио Фогаццаро, Матильде Серао, Дж. А. Чезарео, Эмилио Сальгари
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