Alan E. Crossley A Journey of Psychic Discovery

A Journey of Psychic Discovery

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This is a revised reprint of the book by the same title, first published in 1993, with 2 additional photographs some explanatory footnotes and, as Addendum, the Foreword by the renowned healer Harry Edwards which was written for the original privately printed book 'The Enigma of Psychic Phenomena' (1974) from which most of the material in this book was taken. Throughout his life, the author sat with many well-known mediums of his time amongst them Helen Duncan, Alec Harris and Leslie Flint and his memories of some of those sittings are recorded here. After many more experiences the author wrote a further chapter recounting these and the whole without the original Foreword was published as 'A Journey of Psychic Discovery'.
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Вальтер Скотт, Людовико - Мария Синистрари, Якоб Шпренгер, Генрих Инститорис, Михаил Орлов, Кирилл Королев
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