Sumit Kumar Yadav and Achla Bharti Yadav Removable Functional Appliances- A Review

Removable Functional Appliances- A Review

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Functional appliances have been used since the nineteenth century.By using functional appliances in conjunction with fixed appliances and extra-oral forces, best possible results for a patient can be accomplished with less possibility of problems and greater long-term stability, a stability that depends on the balance of teeth, bone and muscle achieved during the treatment. An update review on Removable Functional Appliances and philosophy behind their modus operandi is presented in this book. Various Functional appliances like Activator, Bionator, Twin Block, Frankel Regulator are discussed with illustrations. An additional Chapter on latest Magnetic Functional Appliances will be of immense interest for readers. This book will provide Clinical Orthodontists with Secrets of Manipulation and Construction of various Functional Appliances. An updated review on this subject is presented for benefit of postgraduate students.
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