Джеф Шеве, Мартин Ивнинг Adobe Photoshop CS4 for Photographers: The Ultimate Workshop (+ DVD-ROM)

Adobe Photoshop CS4 for Photographers: The Ultimate Workshop (+ DVD-ROM)

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Professional commercial photographer and digital imager Jeff Schewe (based in Chicago, USA) has teamed up with best-selling Photoshop author Martin Evening to create this goldmine of information for advanced Photoshop users.
Building on Martin Evening's successful Adobe Photoshop for Photographers series of titles, this new guide takes the same winning approach and applies it to a professional Photoshop workflow. Highly visual, with clear, step-by-step tutorials, this advanced guide will really appeal to those who want to see how the experts approach Photoshop, producing consistent top-quality results on time and to budget.
The authors describe in detail how to carry out some of their favorite Photoshop image editing and retouching techniques using examples taken from real-life professional shoots. The techniques described here don't just show you clever things you can do in Photoshop, they show how you can use Photoshop in a professional context, meeting the demands of art directors and fulfilling tricky briefs.
Highly practical, unique and inspiring, this is essential reading for all professional and aspiring professional photographers, and anyone else looking for high-quality results using Photoshop.

  • Gain a unique insight into a professional Photoshop workflow, with industry experts Martin Evening and Jeff Schewe;
  • Become a retouching master with advanced masking and compositing techniques;
  • Prepare your images for the best possible output.
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