Valerie Easton A Pattern Garden: The Essential Elements of Garden Making

A Pattern Garden: The Essential Elements of Garden Making

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"Garden columnist and notable garden-maker Easton awakened decades ago to the notion of pattern in the garden. Evocative writing and lush photography clarify Easton's approach to patterns as elements in designing gardens at once inviting and deeply satisfying. The budding garden designer will find help in assessing the site and learning the importance of proportion to harmony, and will be introduced to distinctive ways that rooms and paths, gates and sheltering structures can be incorporated for the most pleasing effects. Destination points are examined as critical to a garden's success. And water features, ornamentation, and plantings are given due attention, showing the power of juxtaposition, and potential for creative innovation. Offering an enticing meditation on why we seek sanctuary in our gardens, Easton sets the stage for an inclusive approach to design regardless of one's chosen garden style; a relevant and appealing guide for gardeners seeking advice, uplift, and wide-ranging options".

Alice Joyce

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