Nukhba Safdar and ahmed hassan Serum Uric Acid-a prognostic marker of pregnancy induced hypertension

Serum Uric Acid-a prognostic marker of pregnancy induced hypertension

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Hypertension during pregnancy is a prevalent and potentially devastating complication. Hyperuricemia is usual finding in hypertensive gravadities, showing a direct and straight relation between uric acid and hypertension. Despite the fact that elevated serum uric acid often pre dates the inception of clinical indication of pregnancy induced hypertension. Moreover,it is considered to alter kidney function and also find to be associated with adverse fetal outcome.An elevated concentration of uric acid is not simply a marker of disease severity but rather contributes directly to the pathogenesis of disorder.The objective of the study was to compare and estimate serum uric acid levels in hypertensive pregnant women and evaluate various complications. There was also an assessment of multiple risk factors causing an increase in serum uric acid. So, this dissertation will help to determine the increased risk for hyperuricemia in pregnancy and will aid pregnant women in controlling their uric acid levels.
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Бодяжина В. И., Семенченко И. Б.
Маргарита Репина
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Дмитрий Пушкарь, Геворг Касян
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