Анна Политковская A Russian Diary

A Russian Diary

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"A Russian Diary" is the book that Anna Politkovskava had recently completed when she was murdered in a contract killing in Moscow.
Covering the period from the Russian parliamentary elections of December 2003 to the tragic aftermath of the Beslan school siege in late 2005, "A Russian Diary" is a brave and unflinching record of the plight of millions of Russians and a pitiless report on the cynicism and corruption of Vladimir Putin's presidency.

Формат: 13 см x 19,5 см.
Владимир Хотиненко
Новые русские бесы
Сергей Якуцени, Андрей Буровский
Большая война
Дмитрий Менделеев
Заветные мысли
Алексей Боярский, Алексей Ходорыч
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