Дилан Томас Eight Stories

Eight Stories

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Collected here are eight particularly enjoyable Dylan Thomas stories, stories hailed by The Nov Statesman as "the unself-conscious classics, compassionate, fresh, and very funny...radiating enthu siasm and delight in the telling".
"The cream of the legendary wordsmith's stories, in a low-priced edition". -Publishers Weekly.
"Thomas really found himself as an artist who could achieve poetry by prose". -The London Sunday Times.
"His prose, his images, his stories all pulsate with life, with a beat and variety that captivate, invigorate and clarify....What strikes one most, finally, about these stories is their generosity. With a little distance from their alluring world, we're aware of Dylan Thomas mining this material from inside his self, excavating, pol­ishing, and setting it asparkle before us". -The Los Angeles Times.