Susan Cameron Perfecting Your English Pronunciation (+ 2 CD, 1 DVD)

Perfecting Your English Pronunciation (+ 2 CD, 1 DVD)

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In Perfecting Your English Pronunciation, accent reduction specialist Susan Cameron shares her successful method to minimize your native accent.
- In the book, she explains exactly how to form the difficult sounds of English and teaches you correct tongue placement. Exercises make this more comfortable and natural for you.
- The DVD features actual students executing correct sounds. Through Cameron's innovative use of hand movements to demonstrate tongue position, you too will be able to find the precise pronunciation.
- The CDs feature audio exercises and correct pronunciations for ear training. Hear some amazing before-and-after recordings of nonnative English speakers who have used Cameron's method successfully.
With this unique and proven program, you'll learn to speak and present in English with confidence so that your ideas and talent are in the spotlight.
Susan Cameron is Master Teacher and Chair of Voice and Speech at the famed CAP21 conservatory, New York City; professor of speech at New York University and New School University; and a dialect coach for feature film and television. She is a specialist in accent reduction and has taught thousands of students from all over the world, most famously Japanese prime minister Morihir Hosokawa in preparation for his 1993 address to the United Nations General Assembly-the first given in English by a Japanese prime minister.