Hampden C DuBose The Dragon, Image, and Demon

The Dragon, Image, and Demon

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Originally published in London in 1886, The Dragon, Image, and Demon, Or the Three Religions of China discusses different facets of the Confucian, Buddhist, and Taoist religions, including mythology and demonology associated with them, especially the worship of dragons. Though somewhat different from other cryptozoology titles, author and missionary Hampden DuBose still discusses the unknown-demons, gods, dragons-and their importance within the Eastern religions. In addition to giving an overview of each religion, DuBose discusses the importance of nature, the idolatry and worship of dragons, and the various god- and demon-figures in Eastern mythology and religion, which are somewhat intertwined. Part of the Loren Coleman Presents series for Cosimo Classics, this book will entertain religious as well as scientific scholars of the unknown. HAMPDEN COIT DUBOSE (1845-1910) was a missionary in China with the American Presbyterian Mission. Born and raised in South Carolina, he graduated from Columbia Theological Seminary before becoming a missionary in Suzhou, China in 1872. While there, he discovered the wide-spread use and negative effects of opium in China, and co-founded and became the first president of the Anti-Opium League in China. DuBose also authored several books, including Preaching in Sinim: The Gospel to the Gentiles, with Hints and Helps for Addressing a Heathen Audience (1873) and The Dragon, Image, and Demon, Or the Three Religions of China (1886).