Годзо Сиода Total Aikido: The Master Course

Total Aikido: The Master Course

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The basics are only a guiding principle. Your strongest posture is the one that fits your constitution.That cannot be taught to you, you have to find it for yourself. It is not a question of widening your stance or narrowing it, if the truth be told.But, people will do what is comfortable for them, so if you allow them to,they will just make it up for themselves. That is why, you must always return to the basics.This is what is important.- Gozo ShiodaAikido students and enthusiasts the world over will be delighted with this English translation of Gozo Shioda's "hidden principles," finally made available by the Yoshinkan school of aikido. An outstanding student of aikido founder Morihei Ueshiba, Shioda, who taught thousands of people in his lifetime, left a profound legacy, successfully teaching the spiritual and practical applications of a martial art that could all too easily become mired in one or the other. In this sequel to Dynamic Aikido, the preeminent master continues his explanation of the essential principles but in finer detail. Comprehensive and fully illustrated, Total Aikido covers the basic postures and movements with special emphasis on certain key points for perfecting one's technique to achieve maximum effect with the minimum of effort. Demonstrations are provided in a dojo setting, with helpful pointers for avoiding common mistakes. To enable students to develop greater strength and control, they are shown how to increase their speed, shift their center of gravity, and synchronize movements with those of their opponents. This is an essential work for students of all levels, a treasury of expert information.