Ritam Naik Tari and Sujeet Khiste Effect of Periodontal Therapy on Acute Phase Proteins and Leukocytes

Effect of Periodontal Therapy on Acute Phase Proteins and Leukocytes

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Periodontitis has been associated with an increase in the levels circulating acute phase proteins. An investigation was carried out to evaluate the effectiveness of periodontal therapy on blood levels of fibrinogen, CRP and WBCs in Goan healthy population with chronic periodontitis and also to assess the influence of secondary parameters like age, gender and BMI on these inflammatory markers. Through this interventional trial we found that there was a significant reduction in the level of fibrinogen, CRP and WBC after SRP in chronic periodontitis patients. There was a poor correlation and statistically insignificant results when age, gender and BMI were compared to these inflammatory markers at baseline. Thus, non-surgical periodontal therapy can reduce the load of systemic inflammatory markers known to increase the risk for cardiovascular diseases. Periodontal therapy should be considered as one of the modality for preventing the development of cardiovascular diseases.
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