Эрик Сигрен Secure Your Network for Free

Secure Your Network for Free

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This is the only book to clearly demonstrate how to get big dollar security for your network using freely available tools. This is a must have book for any company or person with a limited budget.
Network security is in a constant struggle for budget to get things done. Upper management wants thing to be secure but doesn't want to pay for it. With this book as a guide, everyone can get what they want. The examples and information will be of immense value to every small business. It will explain security principles and then demonstrate how to achieve them using only freely available software.
Алексей Баранчиков, Павел Баранчиков, Александр Пылькин
Алгоритмы и модели ограничения доступа к записям баз данных
X. Кейт Мелтон, Крейг Пилиджан, Дуэйн Свиержинский
Офисный шпионаж
Elisa Bertino, Lorenzo Martino, Federica Paci, Anna Squicciarini
Security for Web Services and Service-Oriented Architectures
Daniel Minoli, Jake Kouns
Security in an IPv6 Environment