Josiah D. Martin Unmoved


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Josiah Martin, in his book "UNMOVED: a Passionate Plea to the Listless Church in America," presents his solution to reversing the decline of the church and the resulting freefall of morality in American culture. "If we [Christians] were to wield but a fraction of the power that we claim to possess, which is our Christian birthright, this world would neither be found in want nor in need of revival today," Martin writes. "In Genesis, Esau sold his birthright to Jacob for a bowl of stew. We weren't so shrewd. We squandered ours away and have nary a bean to show for it." - UNMOVED: Chapter 9 Martin believes that the reason the church is in decline is not that God doesn't exist, but that Christians don't believe in His full power. "The reason the church has lost its relevance in America is that members have become merely hypocritical play actors, and the world can spot a fake from a mile away," he said. "Apathy and hypocrisy have reached epidemic levels in America." With his new book, Martin hopes to challenge believers to passionately pursue and serve Christ, motivate them to experience personal revival and equip them with the tools and knowledge they need to become the catalyst of lasting change in the church. Martin is an author, speaker and revivalist living in Big Prairie, Ohio, who has been working in full time ministry since the age of 15. He has served with Rock of Ages Prison Ministry and currently serves as the youth pastor at GODSWORD Bible Church.