Edited by Mark Warschauer, Richard Kern Network-based Language Teaching: Concepts and Practice

Network-based Language Teaching: Concepts and Practice

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This important book provides a critical collection of research in on-line communication for second language learning, including uses of electronic mail, real-time writing, and the World Wide Web. Chapters analyze the theories underlying computer-assisted learning, explore the contexts that affect network-based teaching, and examine the linguistic nature of computer-mediated interaction in both textual and multimedia environments. Each chapter has been specially written for this collection by an individual who has done extensive research on the topic explored. The work of these contributors has resulted in a highly readable but in-depth analysis of the way that on-line communication is reshaping language teaching. "Network-based Language Teaching" will be of vital interest to language educators and researchers, as well as to readers with a general interest in linguistics, computer-mediated communication, and education.

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