Montague Keen The Scole Report

The Scole Report

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This edition is the reprint of the original report published in 1999 in the Proceedings of the Society of Psychical Research. In 1994 the development of psychic phenomena in Robin Foy's Group at the Scole Farmhouse came to the attention of the Society of Psychical Research. This report is the outcome of a two year investigation of the Group. It was conducted principally by three senior members of the Society for Psychical Research - the authors of this report. The authors' diverse professional backgrounds together with their many years of investigation of paranormal phenomena and the fact that most of the events described were experienced or witnessed simultaneously by at least three seasoned investigators improves the probability of authenticity. In the course of over 20 sittings, from 1995 to 1997, the investigators, together with other occasional researchers/sitters, witnessed a wide range of phenomena and were unable to detect any direct indication of fraud or deception. They encountered evidence favouring the hypothesis of intelligent forces able to influence material objects, and to convey associated meaningful messages, both visual and aural.
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Вальтер Скотт, Людовико - Мария Синистрари, Якоб Шпренгер, Генрих Инститорис, Михаил Орлов, Кирилл Королев
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