Premalatha Bidadi Rajashekaraiah,Roopa S. Rao and Neethi Gujjar Clear Cell Tumors Of The Head And Neck

Clear Cell Tumors Of The Head And Neck

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Clear Cell Tumors Of The Head And Neck: Clear cells are routinely encountered in the histopathological sections. They most frequently result from fixation artefacts; cytoplasmic accumulation of water, glycogen, lipids, mucins; hydropic degeneration of organelles, etc. When these clear cells predominate in a tumor, arriving at a definitive diagnosis becomes problematic. Thus, this book gives exhaustive information on clear cells associated with various conditions, causes for clearing of these cells, clear cell tumors of the head and neck and a systematic approach towards arriving at an appropriate diagnosis of these tumors. We have also made an effort at giving a detailed diagnostic work-up and IHC panel for the same. This book is especially written with the post graduate students in mind, at the same time, it also provides comprehensive information on clear cell lesions to a seasoned Pathologist.
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