Douglas J.  Wolf Seagate Crystal Reports 7 for Dummies

Seagate Crystal Reports 7 for Dummies

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Businesses all over the world rely on Crystal Reports to turn dull data into compelling reports that become critical decision-making tools. Now, with Crystal Reports 7 and Seagate Crystal Reports 7 For Dummies, you can use your current database program to create reports that look great, from simple one-table reports to integrated presentations with all the bells and whistles.

Crystal Reports is the simple solution to the problem of generating reports. Whether you're a beginner or a seasoned Crystal Reports user, and whatever your database software, Seagate Crystal Reports 7 For Dummies opens up a whole new world of high-performance information management. Discover helpful advice on how to know what questions to ask before you start researching your report and how to use new Crystal Reports 7 features (such as Geographic Mapping, the Highlighting Expert, Running Totals, and tools for creating Web-ready reports). Customize reports for your audience by creating cross-tab and summary reports, and add new levels of snap and sophistication with graphs, pictures, logos, and embedded objects. Master the art of selecting, sorting, and grouping report records, and save time by inserting ready-to-use or custom formulas into your reports. Link your databases and distribute your finished reports through your Web site as HTML, Excel, or runtime files.

You don't need to be a database guru to make Crystal Reports the most important part of your arsenal of data management tools. Just grab this great, plain-speaking guide and start work today.