Ветеринария. Животноводство. Сельское хозяйство
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German Kali Works; Agricultural Bureau
Cacao Culture in the West Indies (Classic Reprint)
Edward Sewall Guthrie
The Book of Butter
University of Newcastle Upon Ty Station
Guide to Experiments in Progress
David W. Blymyer
The Sorghum Hand Book
Edwin Bingham Copeland
The Coco-Nut (Classic Reprint)
G. Sutherland Thomson
British Colonial Dairying
John Prince Sheldon
Henry Prentiss Armsby
Manual of Cattle-Feeding
Duncan Forbes Laurie
Poultry Foods and Feeding
Charles Whitehead
Anna Botsford Comstock
Syllabus of Lectures
Francis Fontaine
The State of Georgia
New Hampshire Agricultural Expe Station
Agricultural Research in New Hampshire